Advantages and Disadvantages PC Gaming and PS3

Now, in era of globalitazion, technology is very advanced, especially for gaming. Many of company create game console with advanced technology, for give comfortable to user. But as you know that, many advanced equipment had created, but i believe that they are has advantages and disadvantages each other. Now, i would to explain about advantages and disadvantages from PC Gaming and PS3.
As you know that, this to console game, now is very famous in gaming world. But they are have an advantages and disadvantages each other. Now Lets see my opinion :

Advantages and Disadvatages from PS3 :

Advantages from PS3 :
* Built-in Ray drive (game, movie music, and others) that began in the lyrics of 
   many people
* Most powerful cell processor
* Supported cangih and comprehensive multimedia reply, include built-in in the

* Design that looks luxurious and elegant, features a touch to the open / close 

   the Blu ray
* Support backward compatible best

* Having an additional tool called HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), 
   function to make the audio and video graphic display can more nice like real.

Disadvantages from PS3 :
* Prices are expensive terlau 8-6 million
* Control look like cheap because there is no change to the PS2
* Less is ready in terms of online gaming 

* Copies still unclear (bootleg) 
* The Games for PS3 is still very expinsive

Advantages and Disadvantages from PC Gaming :  

 Advantages from PC Gaming : 
* Video Graphic display is more Good than PS3
* Can play LAN (Local Area Network) with other P
* Performance for playing Online or Offline Game is still stable
* Comfortable 
* All of Game from PS3, PS2, PS1, XBOX, WII, can play more good in here

Disadvantages from PC Gaming :

* Hardware Device in PC is the most expensive from VGA Card, Motherboard, Heatsink, Cooler Master, HDD, and all hardware device in PC is more expensive.
* The cost of expensive treatments, and treatment must often frequent

 Okay, thats all about my definition about advantages and disadvantages from PC Gaming and PS3. So you can choose one you think is most useful for use in the long term. And also appropriate your finance. Thank you...

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