Mortal Kombat 9 Complete X-Ray Moves List


NAIL AND IMPALE: 3 + 4 + Block Simultaneously OR LT + RT (Xbox 360)/L2 + R2 (PS3)
Baraka’s X-Ray does good damage, and you can combo it off of any chain. It also travels a pretty good distance and can catch an opponent off guard in a projectile fight from less than full screen distance away. A crafty way to land it is to punish an opponent if they try to jump backward from out of close quarters.

Cyber Sub-Zero

COOL DOWN: 3 + 4 + Block Simultaneously OR LT + RT (Xbox 360)/L2 + R2 (PS3)
Cyber Sub-Zero has the only X-Ray that is required to be performed in the air. The problem is, it lands at such a weird angle that it’s a task to set it up with anything but the most basic of juggle combos or a Freeze. However, it can travel full screen, so the possibility of countering someone with an X-Ray in a firefight is always there. The X-Ray does pretty good damage as well.


CYBERDRIVER: 3 + 4 + block simultaneously or LT + RT (Xbox 360)/L2 + R2 (PS3)
This X-Ray is extremely dangerous because it can be comboed off any chain and used as an ender for juggles. In addition, it can be performed after landing almost any of Cyrax’s specials. And since it points up, it also serves as one of the best anti-air moves in the game, next to Kung Lao. Once Cyrax has his X-Ray ready, he’s one of the most dangerous characters in the entire cast.
Attack Name Xbox PS3
Attack 1 (Front Punch)
Attack 2 (Back Punch)
Attack 3 (Front Kick)
Attack 4 (Back Kick)

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