Can The Splinter Cell 6 Make its way back in 2012?

Splinter Cell Conviction suffered so many frustrating setbacks and delays during development that it was no surprise that Sam Fisher came out all-guns-blazing when he was finally set loose on the world. Conviction eventually became a completely different game to the one we saw an early 2007-crowd-blending way to 1 more classical Splinter Cell template as the original open world concept sagged under the weight of its own  ambition.
What we ultimately got was a faster more modern brand of stealth which seemed to take most of its inspiration from action moves such as the Bourne trilogy. Although we still loved It, it made us feel more Batman than Black Ops picking off guards one by one and sinking in and out of the shadows was exhilarating but nonetheless. It was a still a rather radical departure from the rest of the series.

So what have we learned  from all this? Simply that Ubisoft are willing to experiment with the Splinter Cell franchise and that makes slippery Sam Fisher’s next move extremely difficult consider that Ubisoft’s unproven new Toronto studio has been handed developmental duties. Toronto is the wildcard in  Ubisoft’s pack backed with a luxurious budget the new studio has been able to assemble a killer team of talent from across the globe and Ubisoft’s  hope is that they’ll be able to draw from the wide range of cultural influences within their team.

But one thing is for sure this time they are ready. “When we started Splinter Cell Conviction it was difficult because we were working on new hardware changeling tech and wanted to rejuvenate and innovate with the design” recalls Alex Parizeau who will be heading up the production of Splinter Cell 6. “That s why we stumbled for a while during the development cycle. But here in Toronto we have a core team in place that we can focus on growing the pillars we put in place creating Conviction.” In a way, it doesn’t matter which direction they decide to go in slow quiet loud fast Sam Fisher excels whatever environment you put him in.

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