Batman Arkaham City Preview & Highlights

Arkham City looks magnificent, both in its visuals and Its design. The move into an open world environment has allowed Rocksteady to experiment with the Unreal engine in ways that would’ve been Impossible in the original. The lights that drown Gotham’s vice-riddled streets In a seedy glow and the gangsters that wander beneath them deliver an equally intimidating vibe to that of the Asylum. But here. Batman Is king.

That vision of running off a rooftop and gliding through the streets is so compelling remarks Rocksteady’s Marketing Manager Dax Ginn, as he swoops down to piled rive an unsuspecting gang member.

Rather than relying on his fists. Batman can now disarm enemies and use their own melee weapons against them.Or, if you’d rather do some damage from afar, gadgets have now been integrated into the combat, as we’re demonstrated by quickly whipping an opponent with the Batclaw.

But aside from the combat, the narrative is still the driving force behind Rocksteady’s ‘Batman Experience! something Ginn assures us won’t be compromised by the open world approach. “We’re not a sandbox game,” he says, “that’s Important to understand. We still want to tell a really specific and tight narrative, and so yeah, you have a lot of navigational freedom, but it’s always very clear where you need to be next.”

It’s an approach similar to Mafia II’s – albeit one where your method of transport Is via your wingsuit, rather than stealing a vintage vehicle-although the rewards offered by exploring Arkham City are far more gratifying.The Riddler trophies make a return, each dashed around the city with Riddler Informants linked to each one. Find an informant and you will be placed closer to the trophy’s location, but the chances are that you will be so wrapped up in game’s core story that you’ll barely want to deviate.

The narrative and characterization is the  best we’ve ever seen in a game, with some superb cut-scenes and excellent delivery from voice actors, which once again sees Mark Hamill return as The Joker. The Face and Cat Woman, quite frankly. Is award-worthy It’s astonishing.

This could be the best open world game yet, and the Batman game you always wanted to play. If Rocksteady can deliver on its promises-which judging by what we’ve seen already. It almost certainly will – be sure to bring the popcorn.

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