Review of Dragonica: Awakening of the Ice Dragon

We’ve been big champions of this free-to-play MMO since its release, and now Dragonica is upping its game with this impressive new expansion, which went live on the 15th of February. Best of all, as with everything about the game, it’s totally and utterly free.

Titled Awakening of the Ice Dragon, as the title suggests, there’s a chilly theme for this expansion. Set in the brand-new continent of Pagosia, there are four new mission maps to play through, all with an icy theme – and one of which will bring you face-to-face with the Ice Dragon himself!

Pagosia will be available to explore as soon as you install the expansion, but it is only open to players of level 62 and above. To help with the new challenges you’re about to face, the developers have also raised the level cap, too – which now stands at 75 – but getting to the new maximum level cap is going to take plenty of work, as there are also new and dangerous monsters prowling around Pagosia that you’ll have to deal with. Some may well be familiar to seasoned Dragonica gamers though, as they happen to be ghostly versions of monsters that you may have encountered earlier on in your adventures in the world of Dragonica.
Defensive strategy
Another new feature is the Strategic Defence mode, in which players must defend their core from invading monsters that follow paths around a specific route. Players may attack monsters directly, or progress more strategically by creating defensive structures to repel the onslaught.The Strategic Defence mode is available in the majority of the game’s maps, and the number (and also level) of the monsters will depend on the amount and character level of the players that are present in the fight.

You can even now set up your own personal market stall, if you so wish. And other, smaller features, include a drop in warp tower prices, a new vendor selling exclusive items for Emporia Battles and a new guild vault which uses gold rather than Guild EXP as its currency.

But there’s also plenty of new content for lower-level players too, as three new dungeons are available that have been designed specifically for characters that haven’t quite reached the level cap yet. A series of feature and quest updates in the early stages of the game will make it easier for new players to get stuck in – proving that this really is an expansion that aims to please all gamers, both new and old.

We have to say that we were really impressed with the amount of content available in Awakening of the Ice Dragon. It would’ve been easy for the developers to just add in a few features and move on to the next one, but there’s more than enough content here to keep you busy for ages. If you’re a Dragonica player, then you can’t afford to miss it. If not, then you can’t afford to miss out!

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